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[CLOSDED] 3D Character Artist/Designer For a Mobile Game

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monkeGames null
Hi There Folks! 

The Job
We are currently developing a comedy based runner game.
We need 3 main characters and 3 low poly character for the crowd system.
Characters based on a comedy movie shoot in 1976. The characters will be designed in 70s people style.
We need a talented designer to work with.

Design Style : Cartoon
Max 5.000 polys for the main characters
Max 1.500 polys for the low poly characters
Hand painted colorful textures at 2048 pixel

What is like ?
Here is some character references that we desire:

Payment Plan
We will work character by character. Each characters will be has its own price.
Half of payment will be pay when concept is done and the other half will be paid the model done.
Payments will be paid via paypal.

We are looking forward to see talented designers already.
Thank you all! ;)

[email protected]


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