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Polycount Store is open!

Polycount hoodies: what's the highest cost you would be willing to pay?

You only get one choice, and it's anonymous.

We're trying to get a handle on what a price would be, relative to raw costs. This includes shipping.

We're a little bit conflicted about whether to just break even, or actually make a little extra which would go towards supporting Polycount.

[old designs]

Hoodies cost the most, with zippers being 2-7 more, T-shirts are about 10 less, Mugs too.

These would be on-demand orders. So we wouldn't have to keep any boxes around. Which is nice!

Color options: black, white, grey, orange, or pink. Except for the T-shirts which wouldn't come in pink or orange (sorry!). 

Any and all feedback would be great!


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