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Clark Coots polycounter lvl 11
Anyone into pressing some buttons?! Do you like throwing fireballs? Fatalities? Blasting your opponent off the map at 250%? This topic is for ALL Fighting Genre games and platforms given it's a relatively small genre figured we could have it in one place. Add your info and the fighting games/platform you may play.

Examples of Fighting Games:
Street Fighter
Guilty Gear
Mortal Kombat
King of Fighters
Killer Instinct
Marvel vs Capcom
Pokken Tournament
Soul Caliber
Dead or Alive
(...and more!)

My information:
PSN: Kilo_Clark
CFN: Kilo_Clark
Games: Street Fighter 5, (possibly in the future Injustice 2, Tekken 7, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite)
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