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Nsanity polycounter lvl 2
I'm really glad I noticed this challenge today.

I've been working myself back into doing something 3D, and this challenge will definately help.

I plan on doing a wide variety of objects for a space-age war factory or station. To begin with just some small props to get myself back into the swing of things


  • Nsanity
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    Nsanity polycounter lvl 2
    Slightly off the sci-fi hanger, I decided to do some shot glass, and decanter. Messed around with the new arnold shaders, but as you can see, whiskey still looks like lemon juice :tongue:

    Ambient Occlusion Pass

    1st test render. Never used arnold shaders before, so I'm still not sure how to fix the fuzz.

    It was at this point I realised that my standard blinn shader wasn't rendering.

    If anyone has any tips on using Arnold shaders, the help would be really appreciated.
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