DFAO Interior Artifacts

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Bek greentooth
I posted this on UE4 answerhub but didn't have any luck there: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/570333/415-dfao-interior-artifacts.html

and I haven't made any progress with it yet so I'm asking here for advice on how to debug this sort of DFAO artifact. There might be something obvious I'm missing somewhere.

I have a scene in 4.15 using realtime lighting / GI and DFAO / ray-traced distance field soft shadows. In these screenshots you can see the Mesh Field visualisation and the DFAO visualisation. This is basically the interior of a small cube room, with windows on either side. As you can see from the DFAO vis. there are square artifacts along the flat surface; yet the mesh field vis. doesn't show and obvious reason why this would be the case. I should also mention that the exterior of this part doesn't show these artifacts.

The mesh is already using quite a high DF scale, and checking 'generate DFAO as if two sided' didn't help. Project scalability is set to epic; and DFAO for the most part works everywhere else, it's just the interior I'm having troubles with. Any tips on improving the quality of DFAO in interiors would be welcome.
Mesh Field vis:

DFAO vis:

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