Year of the Rooster (Statue Sculpt)

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Although Chinese New Year has already gone and all... I've been working on something in the spare moments I have at lunch when I'm not at the company gym haha... A statue for the Year of the Rooster theme :)

The idea to do this literally unfolded with my neighbouring artist "James Mason"...

Me: "I have no idea what I want to start now... *pause* JAMES... Give me something to model..."
James: "A Chicken... Make a chicken..."
*pause of silence*
Me: "A statue... A CHICKEN STATUE... YES! You're a GENIUS!"
*starts googling for chicken statue reference images)

And thus... here we have a statue of a chicken...

It's heavily based off this reference on elements but I've made adjustments to how detailed some parts of the statue are for more interesting normal map choices.

I'm basically at the polishing stage on this sculpt for high frequency detail (small dents, sharpening up on curves and points, etc)
General clean up after a final subdivision.

C&C Welcome :)


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