[Finished] UE4 Environment (Motel) "Encounter"

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     There's something magical about the dreary and haunting animated images that artist Leland Foster creates. I want to capture some of that essence and use it as a backdrop for a narrative. The idea of this environment is a crime in progress at a motel at night time and after it has rained to give the scene some interesting reflective surfaces. Here are some images I'm using for reference and inspiration. 

Here's an early work in progress shot of the police car.

I want to avoid setting the scope too high but I'd like to add the aftermath of a shootout, broken glass, busted in motel door, police car door slightly ajar, bullet holes, etc and rename the piece to "Motel Shootout", perhaps "Aftermath" ? Let's see!

     After completion of the car I will be doing a blockout of the environment so stay tuned for further updates. I'd love to hear from you guys, feedback and critiques are greatly appreciated!


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