Enodmi Mask Generator v2

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ENODMI polycounter lvl 9
Sharing my mask generator for painter:) I created this as a simple masking method compared to the built-in generators. Seems like most of them do too much or something too specific.

 To use, simply add it too a mask as a generator. It will auto-plug in any maps baked out in painter, and will update if rebaked. It also has an additional normal map slot for passing in additional curvature info. Enjoy:)

Until Allegorithmic approves my upload, Get it here: https://mega.nz/#!adESAIRY!jd5BYrF_mQNP8h8ANvlpQWQJeO-SkSmQ-R-gC12eX-s

Examples of my work created with this can be found here: 


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