Looking for 3D artists for my startup, minimal work involved

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Johnnynapalmsc greentooth
Hello Polycount,

I am currently working my startup which is (put simply...) 3D modelling and 3D printing service SNAPSPAWN. I am looking for artists that have done product design/character modelling pretty much anything and would allow me to post their (personal) work on social media to promote our services (with full credit given to the artist of course).

It would be ideal if you had the concept art drawings/sketches with your 3D work. Below you can see one of my personal pieces, (concept art was done by Manuel Augusto Moura)

Whilst my example is pretty complex character, I am looking for anything really that you can provide, from simple bottles created using solidworks to character designs. After the launch when the orders start coming in, you would be the first people I would hire for the future jobs (fully paid of course).
If you're interested pl
ease drop an email to: [email protected]

Thank you and have a great day,
Jonas Roscinas
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