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What's This?

-Some useful tutorials to get you started using Sunbstance Painter in your DOTA 2 pipeline(seriously, you should!)
-A page holding all the useful resources I could come up with to help you when you are starting a DOTA 2 asset.
-Shader Parameters for each hero to help you get the correct preview in Substance painter (or elsewhere!)

DOTA 2 Substance helpers

-A customized version of the DOTA 2 shader and preset to help you get 
-Some simple Substance Painter utility materials to help get you started. These will be expanded on in the future, but I wanted to get a version out to people sooner than later.
-A texture export setup that should speed up the process of exporting a lot.

DOTA 2 customizataion is super fun, but there are some pretty serious technical hurdles to get over. I'd love to level that a bit and try to share as much tribal knowledge through the page as possible. Anyone SHOULD be able to make dota assets, but it can be pretty hard to get started. Let's change that! More artists = more cool stuff!

I'd be super stoked to hear your feedback on the page, and would love suggestions on things you think might be helpful to add/update. I'm especiallyh interested in hearing from you guys what tyhings have screwed you over on any particular character. i.e. joints not aligning to the models, strange mesh distortion, low budgets on any particular slot etc. I'd love for this to be a one stop shop to help save people time BEFORE you lose your free time to problem solving.


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