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Dropzone - Art Dump - IMAGE HEAVY!

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Hello fellow Polycounters! The Sparkypants Studios art team is celebrating the Steam Early Access launch of Dropzone! http://store.steampowered.com/app/572520

As part of that celebration we’d like to give you a behind the scenes look at some of the art.

The team worked with features like PBR shading, procedural texturing & modeling, along with other fancy systems for creating art content.

If you’re interested in some fast-paced, 15-minutes-of-hair-on-fire Dropzone RTS/MOBA battles then come join us!  

Sparkypants Art Team

Art Direction: Ted Terranova, Dave Inscore
Character Art: Stephen Stone, Sean O’toole, Lucy Shen, Jon Gorr.
Environment Art: Brandon Blackwell, Hugo Beyer, Julien Lefevbre, Saimon Ma.
Concept Art: Saimon Ma, Alex Winkler
FX Art: Ken Whitman
Animation: Young Vo, Anton Makarau
Tech Art: Andre Ivankio

Sparkypants also works with a number of outstanding art freelancers. A special thanks goes out to that crew!


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