New Portfolio Piece (finally) - Victorian/Lebbeus Woods mash-up

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I've been working a ton over the past few years on PREY and haven't really had the time to add anything new to my Portfolio.  Over the past few weeks, I've started planning for a new project, anticipating that I will soon have more free time to devote to personal work.

I've decided to make a victorian-style interior but with a twist. A concept-artist friend of mine introduced me to an architect named Lebbeus Woods. In this project I will exploring how I can mash the two ideas together into one unique piece.

Here are some renders of where I am currently.
     -Base modeling done (Detail pass not in yet)
     -Base Colors done 
     -Wood Grain (almost) done
     -Spec and Gloss are still solid colors (Materials are still VERY much blockout)

Next on the to do list:
     -Bake Archway and Column
     -Refine substances for floor material
     -Blockout the Lebbeus Woods' style into piece and design composition.

As always, you comments and feedback/ideas are always welcome.  


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