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Announcing the winners of the handplane baker contest + New handplane build!

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete an entry. We want to show our appreciation by awarding $20 steam gift cards to everyone who finished an entry in time but didn't place in the top 3.

Watching so many artists approach the same task simultaneously has been been extremely valuable. Several of the top issues raised in the feedback are problems that I hadn’t seen reported prior to the contest. I was also able to better understand handplane’s shortcomings when I collated all the feedback into a single document. Every request has been organized into a spreadsheet, much of it will be implemented in future builds. We are releasing a new build today that includes a few of the most requested feedback items.

The changes in this build are:

2/5/2017 - v 0.9.4

*Fixed curvature maps not using smooth high res normals.

*Added an option to automatically normalize curvature maps by computing the max curvature generated.

*Added hotkeys: ctrl+o, ctrl-s, ctrl-shift-s, ctrl-n, alt-f4, ctrl-b (bake)

*Added Thickness map output

*Handplane now displays the name of the current project file

*Added logic to protect users from losing unsaved changes to the current project.

*Fixed a bug in AO causing some sample counts to generate slightly dark results.

*Users can now drag and drop a project file to load it.

*Changed ray miss color for curvature maps to middle grey

*Changed ray miss color for AO to black

Your entries were judged by Evan Herbert (racer445), Ilya Nedyal, Thiago Vidotto, and myself. Additionally I evaluated everyone’s feedback and weighted the scores based on the quality of feedback.

Third place $100 steam gift card:


Triton TPL 180:


Second place $300 steam gift card:


Worn Stanley Handplane:


First place $500 steam gift card:


Handplane from hell:


Everyone who finished an entry on time, Please PM on polycount with your steam ID so I can send you a steam gift card.


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