[UE4] Samorost/Machinarium Fan Art Progress Thread

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Hi all,

I have recently been working on a small fan art diorama for Samorost and Machinarium. I have made a ways into it already but after doing a mentorship with Josh Lynch, he convinced me to start a progress thread. I have been collecting some WIP shots along the way so I will do a mini dump of the progress so far. The goal was to just make something a little more fun and different from what I usually do, as well as working on improving my substance designer. So you are warned! One long post ahead =)

I started by collecting reference from the game and some materials I thought were nice. I trimmed this down as I collected a lot!

Then I jumped into modo for a quick blockout.

From here I went straight into zbrush and high poly's, starting to build out form. I didn't take many screenshots at the start but these are the ones I have. I went through and pretty much built everything to a rough state, decimating them down and throwing it all into unreal on auto unwraps.

From here I started to explore some possible camera angels.

Now that I had a pretty good idea of what meshes I need, I started going back through them, finalizing the sculpt/ingame mesh and uv's. I also started looking at what I can do with lights. I still can make up my mind so you will see it change a lot =D I have been using a mix of substance source and my own substances so far.

The egg shell was my first substance and was very simple

Then I created a barnacle/coral material to blend with all the flora elements.

I had a bit of trouble with the larger coral flora at the back. My first attempt came out pretty weak.

But I went back and re-did them entirely. This time setting up a 3 material layer blend which I plan to use on all the assets.

I went a little overboard on the other flora bits, not sure if I like it or not.

But all that detail got lost anyway!

Continuing progress.

This was the point I started my mentorship with Josh and have been working on these three materials since, bringing me up to where I am currently.

My plan going forward is to finalize these materials and start to resolve the ground. I have been going slow lately so want to try and get everything in with textures to have the full scene to look at. I feel lighting is my weakest area so any advice about how to light the scene would be greatly appreciated. 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and please crit away! 


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