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polycounter lvl 2
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Cosmic polycounter lvl 2
I'll start off this sketchbook thread with a WIP of a concept sculpt I am using to get back into the swing of things. i had stopped doing 3D for a while and just concentrated on 2D. I now see myself going towards a 3D concept viz field so I'm practicing 3d Concepting. 

This character is based off an old sketch I did, I will add some attire in the next step.

Feedback is appreciated. 


  • AnimatedStruggle
    Wooooaaaaaah!!!! That's an intense jump from the sketch to the sculpt! So far it's looking friggin awesome! It starts to look really shiny on the right side( it's left). I don't know if this was intentional, but it can begin to look sweaty. Now if this is the intended look, by all means keep the specularity cranked up. Looks great either way.
    Are you planning to place any war paint or scarring anywhere? It could help tell a story. I am a bit curious about what had you focusing more on the 2D side.
  • Cosmic
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    Cosmic polycounter lvl 2
    An update on the concept sculpt. For the pauldrons, a depiction of his main antagonist with the horn snapped off.

    Critique is greatly appreciated.

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