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This plugin will go into beta in a few weeks. I just wanted to show a preview of it.
You can even be part of the naming of the plugin! I am hold a sort of contest for naming on my private facebook group for XMD members. I will be taking suggestions up until Beta is released. Or until I think of a good name for it. If your name suggestion is chosen, you will be in the credits page 

The only way to grab beta access to the plugin is to join the XMD Life-Time Membership! Plus, once you are a member, the plugin is yours free once it is released! Right now you can grab the Life-Time Membership for only $20!


Here are some of the features. Some features may or may not be in the initial release.
  • Brush Organization features (Filters, Categories and Tags)
  • A dropdown with all of the XMD brush sets to easily filter them.
  • Search functionality
  • Cloning Brushes for editing while retaining all settings
  • A favorites collapsible bar
  • Auto loading of brushes & icons (add folders to load)
  • All XMD brush releases will be automatically loaded through the updates menu!
  • Monthly features added!
  • Full Screen Mode for multiple monitor users!
  • This will be a sort of swiss army knife for ZBrush
  • Mac OS version will be available later. (it is on the roadmap)
  • No more brush quantity cap. It can load unlimited brushes!
  • This plugin will become an essential part of ZBrush.
  • It is collapsible down to the favorites tab!
  • So many more features to be trickled out monthly!
  • Preloaded with all 800+ XMD Brushes! 
  • So much more!

Hope you enjoy!


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