Polycount Recap Collection | 2016

It's hard to believe that it was already over five years ago that we started putting out our monthly, and sometimes weekly, collection of artwork known as the Polycount Recap. These compilations consist of just a fraction of the best game art and training our forums have to offer, making it easier to not miss anything in the never ending flow of eye candy created by our users.

Over the years we've heard stories of artists being offered jobs after having their artwork featured, talked to students and teachers who review each Recap in class, and received many messages thanking us for putting them together. Although we love hearing these things, all of the credit goes towards all of you, the community. The love, passion, determination and skill that is shown on our forums every day for the last 19 years is what keeps us going and putting together a way to showcase it all is the least we can do.

So, as tradition, with the end of another year comes another Polycount Recap Collection, an entire year of featured artwork packed into one zip file. For those of you who have missed the previous collections we have the links for those as well! Thanks again to all of you Polycounters and let's make the collection for 2017 the biggest yet.

Polycount Recap Collection 2016

Polycount Recap Collection 2015

Polycount Recap Collection 2014

Polycount Recap Collection 2013

Polycount Recap Collection 2012


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