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Bloodborne Hunter Fanart [WIP]

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Pav3d polycount lvl 666

Since Bloodborne is what I played 90% of 2016 I thought Id make my own hunter.
Been working on it for about a month, thought Id share and see what people think. Jumping off point is that the character is a member of rival church to the Healing church.

Ceremonial Mace: A mace filled with burning incense
For it to transform will have some sort of trigger that makes it open up into a flaming mace (For Maximum Damage :P )

I started off by doing a body base and over that a concept sculpt, after a few sculpts I came to this:

Then I used my limited 2d skills to try n flesh out some areas, and get a more refined overall concept:

Backstory: Before the main church discovered its true miracles in the form of the old blood, traditional faiths existed, this member of the older, now forgotten churches takes out her crisis of faith on followers of the heretical healing church....


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