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LF Environment Artist/Level Design to put final touches on MOBA level (Stylized)

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CThom polycounter lvl 7
Hi all,

We've finally got the exact proportions, layout, etc. all finished up for our MOBA style CTF level. The issue is, with all the changes we've made, the assets we had don't always fit, plus I had my lighting artist place them just to get us a good launching point, so some things don't look as beautiful as they could. As you can tell from the images, lots of things just need to be cleaned up and polished.

What we are looking for is a skilled stylized environment artist to come through, move assets around, as well as replace some and make a few new assets (I'm guessing no more than 4-5 brand new assets needed). A new ground texture is also needed, but that doesn't necessary need to be the same person. Again, just to reiterate, I'm looking for someone to go through and make this beautiful.

This is a paying position. You can find out more about our game here: http://circuitsandshields.com

Skype: CThomlison


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