how to draw a beautiful art (help is needed)

hi all artists) need help, advice, resources. How can I improve my arts?. I paint a year and there is no promotion .. more images in rar----I will be very grateful to you))


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    Hey man,  In both cases your foreshortening is really off and that its really destroying the feeling of space and the values are muddy making everything feel wobbly.  If you pick 1 or 2 pieces I can draw into them in the coming weeks.  As far as subject matter I'll only go over the 2 you directly posted.  

    The first one is missing story.  What is the purpose of the room?  What are those boxes on the ground for? Are the crossed patterns above the arches for ventilation or just some sort of decoration?  Is this opened to the outside on the left or is it inclosed? Is there any lamps or lighting that would come from the room behind the arches?  When I look at both of the pieces I see a rough block in but it raises so many questions.  Solving some of those questions around the room will flush it out and provide more visual interest and reason to render details.

    The second one has many of the problems as the first but its even more complicated because of the levels of technology showcased in the room.  You have in 1 room, a bookshelf in a kitchen, what looks to be some sort of ww2 control panel in the alcove and then in the foreground these space station windows behind hologram monitors plugged into a crt television. Sci fi is hard because it must have a consistent level of technology.  One of the best examples I can give of something that would be a good place to reference is the movie Moon.  Everything in that movie felt good, but used and loved.

    The best thing you can do at this point is to take the time its taking you to do 4 of these, and just do 1.  Slow it down, go through the correct processes and really think about what should be inside of the space. Its super easy to try and rush process because of watching pros hammer out stuff super fast, but thats because they've done thousands the correct way that they can jazz out scenes as fast as they do.
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