Art War - Opal Eater

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Alemja polycounter
I figured I would try to get as many eyes on this as possible, I'm currently working on my entry for Cubebrush's Art War!

Sculpt Blockout:

Ref Board:

A bit of lore for those who are into that:
On a distant desert-like planet, there exists a race of humanoid beings that have a close mystical tie to unique, liquid-bearing stones. These opal-like stones are believed to be the elixir of the stars and consuming the liquid can alter your perception of space, enabling you to see and manipulate illusions. The desert dwelling race, who’s name roughly translates to “Opal Eaters” used the illusionary power to build and shield their civilization, however technological travelers threaten to destroy what they have built and steal the stones for themselves. Normally passive, the Opal Eaters must now fight back if they wish to survive.

Feedback and critiques are always appreciated!


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