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High Speed Mech Combat Sports Action! - ArtWar Entry

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MrHobo polycounter lvl 9

Figured I may as well have a polycount thread as well for my ArtWar submission.

So I figured I would constrain myself by being over ambitious for the competition, instead of one character Im doing a team competing in a futuristic mech based combat sport. Its a 3 on 3 sport with 1 goalie mech and 2 striker mechs on the field running the ball and fucking up the shits.
The Saws VS Whatever the Hell I Come Up With a for an Opposing Team Name.

The actual assets will be:
1 Goalie Mech
1 Striker Mech
A lot of decals for mechanical details, nuts, bolts, panels, HUD elements etc
1 Pilot 
1 Head
1 Helmet for Pilots
1 Sportball

Everything will be colored with vertex colors/tint maps to make this all a little bit more manageable
Heres my blockouts from last week

The chassis/cockpit area will be the same with the legs/arms being what defines the role of the mech.
The Goalies arms and legs are done and the cockpit is sorted out, only the lower torso and the pilots chair are left then its on to the arms and legs for the Striker mech.

Cockpit- Screen wraps around the interior, I'll have a bunch of HUD stuff layered on top

Cockpit opening closing sequence

Some of the decals with more to come, I actually need to go back and adjust these so that they read as indentations and not as protrusions. All bolts/screws etc will be decaled onto the mechs.

Full steam ahead!


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