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Ruflse polygon
Hey guys,

I thought it was time to make something to get some general feedback from whoever wants to give some critic or advice about my work. I hope to have the will to update this thread with everything I'll be doing daily, to force me to not post only what I think I'm doing well.

I'm self-teaching full time until April, so good criticism is my best teacher right now.

These are what I consider my best work so far since summer, when I started doing more things:

Some random sketches, all pretty recent:

This one is from two days more or less:

I had some tries on anatomy, which is what I'm trying to get right because I don't have any previous experience with it, but I think I deleted them. This is the only thing I have saved, which is my first try from some months ago, so I don't know if it's a good reference for criticism:

And this is what I've been struggling with for some weeks:

The normal map is full of artifacts and creates black areas. I have made another thread for that ( I'll probably update if I don't manage to get the bake right.

Also I'm playing with some facial expresions right now:

I'll probably try to start drawing more constantly too and post them here.


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