Ryoanji Temple Scene

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Paradoxidia triangle

A work in progress shot of a scene i'm working on atm. Based on Ryoanji temple, in Kyoto. Feedback very welcome!


  • Eric Chadwick
    This looks neat so far.

    The lighting is a bit overbright and undefined, especially ceiling and floor. Things are floating a bit. It's really a lot brighter in here than the visible light sources (doors) would suggest.

    Can you talk a bit about your process? Show your references?

    It's a shame you disappeared after getting feedback in your last thread, the gated city scene really has a lot of potential. It could be pushed in some really interesting directions to make it really sing. I hope this isn't going to happen with this piece, again a lot of potential here. Keep it up!
  • Paradoxidia
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    Paradoxidia triangle

    Based on a bit of the feedback I've been receiving, I overhauled the lighting and sized down the table.

    As for my process, I worked in 3DS max and maya to create all the wall/door modules and props. The architecture was textured with tileables I made in photoshop and substance designer. I heavily drew on google maps reference and photographs of ryoanji in particular to get it right (I have separate reference for the props if you're looking for something in particular). The props were textured in substance painter.

    I'm a student, so I'm really sorry my updates are so sporadic. After a project is finished, I usually have to rush on to the next one right away. But this coming semester, I'll really be focusing on polishing up all my old work, the gated city included. That in mind, I greatly appreciate any and all feedback the good people of polycount give me, as it will be invaluable in this, my last semester. 
  • Eric Chadwick
    This looks great. Nice job!

    Only three things stand out to me as jarring...
    1. The bloom is overdone, looks like I just got out of the eye doctor's with those pupil-dilating dropsin my eyes. 
    2. The circle edging on the tatami mats causes a lot of aliasing inthe distance, so it looks like bad antialiasing.
    3. The post at the end of the wall seems to end in mid-air. It looks like maybe it's supposed to do this, but from this angle it's hard to tell whether it should be touching the ceiling or not. If it does, then it needs a contact shadow. SSAO might help here.
  • EJtheArtist
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    EJtheArtist polycounter lvl 6
    Hi! This is a cute idea! Good job so far.

    Its not only the anti aliasing on the mats. It looks like the antialiasing is sharp anywhere there is a hard edge in the image. Like the wooden beam on the tpo left, the metal poles, and even the bannar and poles in th eback right.

    What do you think this image would look like at night? with moonlight and candles? Having light where light matters, where you want the viewer to look.
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