Modeler and Animator wanted for Steam Game built in Unreal Engine 4

Hi there!

My team and I have been working long and hard on our project through UE4. Recently, our animator had to leave the team for the time being due to personal issues. So, now we are recruiting for someone to fill that space. Here are some of the requirements for this opening:

1) Must have a Skype and great communication skills to keep me and the rest of the team up to date with what work you are doing. Now this communication isn't just work related. Our team is very close and have become great friends; we'd like you to become apart of the family.

2) If you're applying for the animation position, you must be able to rig models (mostly characters of course) and then animate them for UE4 with things such as reload animations and all that.

3) If you're applying for the modeling position, the main need for us right now is a character developer. You need to be able to model and texture awesome characters such as regular humans and then certain enemies we will discuss later on. We already have a character developer but another is needed.

4) You MUST have some time to dedicate to this project. Now of course this an unpaid commitment at the moment but our team is quite talented. A few hours most day is needed for either of these positions.

Once the game is released on Steam, the amount of work you do towards the project is the percentage of money I will give you based off of how much profit the game makes. If you join our team and work really hard and we do really well, you will then get paid very well.

If you have anymore question and/or would like to contact me for further discussion, please email me at [email protected] If you would like to find out more about the project we are working on and what type of game it is, feel free to visit

Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing back from you!

-Matt, CEO of Barry Studios


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