X-Mansion - Unreal Engine 4

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CroozRises null
Hello everyone,

I have just finished this scene, it took me 4 months to finish and it's based on the x-mansion from x-men movies.
I used 3ds max, substance designer, painter and unreal 
all materials were created in designer then used painter for baking and texturing
it's my first scene in ue4 and I learned a lot from it..

here is artstation link


  • Swayam_9shah
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    Swayam_9shah polycounter lvl 2
    Hey Looking really good man.. being it your first. its solid. :D Would you mind showing a Screenshot with the lights? the position etc. Would be helpful..Cheers!!
  • Bruno Afonseca
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    Bruno Afonseca Polycount Sponsor
    That looks pretty solid! Do you plan on sharing breakdowns? I'm interested on how you achieved the carpet textures and material!
  • Kanni3d
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    Kanni3d polycounter lvl 2
    Real solid lighting! Especially for your first time using the engine, seems you got a real nice grasp on composition + lighting etc... Would also love to see a breakdown!
  • ng.aniki
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    ng.aniki polycounter lvl 10
    It is really good !
    But hey, if you want an advice: Push your scene a bit further, you are at the 80-90% done: Your scene is there, complete, materials are good, textures are good, lighting is solid.

    But it needs this extra work, the last touch to make it something memorable, something great !

    Add decals (Dirt, cracks, marks on the floor, foot steps on the wood and on the carpet, etc) to make the viewer feel that the house has been there for a long time, that it aged, that people lived in it. Right now it looks nice, but it also looks like it has just been built, that it is a brand new 'old-looking' house. Everything is too perfect, clean.
    Your wooden floor is looking really nice, but the tiling is clearly noticeable, you could make 2 sets of textures of the same wood (same position of the planks) but with slightly different colors and normals, and blend between them using vertex colors. Create a variation using your  original substance. This plus decals of discreet dirt, dust, etc  on it will make everything look way more interesting.
    Maybe you could try to tell a story, about something that happened in the house (A fight happened, some things are destroyed ?), or make it aged a bit... or even abandoned ?
  • serriffe
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    serriffe polycounter lvl 5
    nice! my only crit is just add some subtle dirt and I think most folks have commented it already. nice work- 
  • snake85027
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    snake85027 polycounter lvl 12
    nice materials and layout of the models. How did you block it out?
  • RoguesGhost
    This is absolutely amazing.  I had to register just to reply to this.

    I'm a massive fan of the X-School and I just love this.  You did an outstanding job.  I've wanted a playable X-School 'game' for ages that would let me walk around inside of a 3d model enviroment of it.  I know thats probably not what you're going for here, but still this is really neat to see.

    I know that this is based on the movies, which is awesome, and I'd love it if you ever decided to add on to it.  There are more rooms seen in the various films such as the kitchen / xavier's office / library and a few class rooms.  Not to mention the backyard and... well... obviously the X-Men base below.

    Thank you for making this though, it really was a awesome treat to find.
  • Spyros_Mintzas
    This is great man. At first I thought this was the vila from Big Hero 6. Then I realised Big Hero 6 propably did the same and grabed the blueprints from X - Mansion. Are the blueprints and the reference images open or did you make screenshots from the movie ?
  • The Rizzler
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    The Rizzler polycounter lvl 4
    Agree with the others, great first environment, just needs a little dirtying up. Additionally try and not have everything be perfect 90 degree angles e.g. the furniture in the corridor - rotate the chairs slightly and subtly, move the tables variable distances from the wall etc. Leave evidence of human interaction everywhere and it will enrich the storytelling of your scene
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