Stylized Tree [WIP]

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to look at my WIP Tree. 
[Main idea] - I'm trying to create a stylized tree that has an eerie feel to it. 

[My thoughts] - So my inspiration for making this tree is based off what I think WOW trees look like. I don't actually play WOW and I only have some reference images of WOW environments. I'm mostly relying on my own creative process to create a stylized tree that could possibly be in the WOW environment. This is my 2nd attempt at remaking the bark. All feedback is welcomed. 


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    It seems to me you just went hog wild hand sculpting the entire thing, or just applied a generic surface noise/displacement.

    The tree has no discernible features other than it's really high poly, with a bland texture applied to it.

    (1) Their are no *features* to speak of, you have a simple base mesh pulled and pushed. But their are no Knots, no pinched areas where the the texture would warp. Whether I'm looking at the thickest part of the tree, or the tipsy ends of the branches, they all have the same identical pattern bark at more or less the same size.

    (2) Without any proper reference, it's hard for me to believe the texture you have is even realistic for this species of tree your aiming for. I don't even know what particular species + location of tree you are going for... North American Oak Tree?

    (3) You never went back to tweak the angles of your branches, they all have this 25-90 degree change in angle and are painfully obvious to see.

    (4) Your tree's thickness and it's branches aren't following any logical sense of *thinning*. The base is always the thickest, their are some *major* branches that support much of the canopy, but many slim down and go very far.

    Where are all the branches and the canopy itself? Your roots also abruptly end with huge stubs, which isn't a huge deal since this will normally be hidden underground. But still, the same logic that you have applied to the canopy is mirrored here.

    (5) If your going to try to make something for a game, it really, really helps a lot if you are actually playing it. They have an option for a *free account* you can use, up to level 20 if you want to get some reference material.
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