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I had a blast working on this, and getting my hands dirty with the handplane baker for the first time. And i have to say, i really really like this program.

+ Projection Groups (Baking without exploding your model first)
+ Cage that does not have to mach the vertex count!
+ Material Presets for each HighPoly Piece
- No possibility to use less or more than 3 Map Channels in the Material PSD
+ AO for Floater!

+ Up to 16x16k Bake Resolution 
+ Tangent Spaces for every major Application
- No Checkbox to bake Geometry and Surface Normals at the same Time
+ All Texters that you would need
+ Clear instruction, what Parameter to change to get a certain result.
- No Option that puts every Map into a PSD File (Like Material PSD but with ever baked map)

- No Time Estimation
- No "preview" while rendering the map (To see if the AO for example is any good while rendering)
- No Cage creation inside Handplane 
- Not every Map gets described on the Help Page. (ex. Cavity Map.)

Overall i have to say i really really like this Program and i see myself using it as my primary Baking application :)


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