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sugunwar polycounter lvl 8
Hi, my name is Oleg.
I'm a character artist.
I'm looking for a character artist position.

I provide:
-3d models from concept to game-ready state. For UE4\For Unity.

My skills:
-hard surface modeling
-organic modeling
-clean low poly
-texturing (all things: unwrap\baking\texturing for PBR)

-facial blend shapes
-clothes\hairs physics simulation 

****My portfolio is here****
Please check it https://www.artstation.com/artist/sugun

***As I have a contract restriction about publication, you are WELCOME TO PM me to get more portfolio examples for private examine.

Follow my social media


Feel free to feedback mail: [email protected]
skype: render-s
discord: Oleg#3782

Best regards, 


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