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[Hobby/Revshare] Looking for 2D artist/animator for Investigative RPG


http://imgur.com/BV7JC1h - rough reference concept, can provide a few more upon request

We're working on a project along the lines of the Sherlock Holmes series and Hyper Light Drifter combined into some strange, sexy mess of a project. We have a goal of eventually releasing it, but for now we're just plugging away at it in our spare time.

Currently I'm working with a programmer, an artist, and a composer on some of the basics of it. I'm currently acting as a jack of all trades and filling in the gaps.


We would like to find somebody who's a skilled generalist that can help tackle environments, characters, enemies, etc.


You are a private investigator that is sent to follow a jilted lover about town. Since your target is doing nothing but playing online games for hours on end, you become listless and notice a suspicious individual heading out of a convenience store. You follow this paranoid individual down and they end up summoning demons that easily maul you. Near death, you hear a voice asking if you'd like to make a deal. Out of desperation, you agree and your arm transforms into a hellish horror. It's kill or be killed.

Basically, you are dragged into a special forces unit that is investigating the viral spread of popularity of a cult across the world. Strange things have been happening and it is your job to keep the existence of demons under wraps.


The investigation segments are first-person point and click style interactions in a pseudo 3-D environment with a robust dialog system that encourages interrogation, blackmail, and other tactics to get information out of people. The combat segments are isometric 2D real-time fighting sort of like Hyper Light Drifter or Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I can share more if you're interested.


The style is sort of a cel shaded comic book style mixed with a sort of pop-up book style where the outlines of art sketches will be the actual shape in game through a pseudo 3-D implementation of things. Think Parappa the Rapper, but more realistic, dark, gruesome, and brooding (maybe Borderlands/Dark Souls kind of looks but 2D?).


Unity and C# As I said, it's just a long-term hobby for now, but we plan on tossing it up on Kickstarter once we get a demo complete to get some feedback on it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I have a pretty fleshed out GDD, concept sketches, sound demos, and script mock-ups I can share.

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