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can you recommend a laptop for a hobby general 3d "artist"?

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monkey_T null
i have a budget of around 1000 Euro (roughly 1000 dollars, but i think prices in Germany wehre i live are higher than the US). i am thinking about buying a laptop for my hobby 3d modelling, animation, game development. i guess i can't afford anything very professional for this 
price, still i think it would definitely be better than what i have currently. i think i would opt for Windows OS, since i have other important software that  runs on that. also, since i travel 
quite a lot i would prefer screen size no larger than 15 inch. (maybe even smaller)  
can you recommend any specific model within this range? 
what are the features in the technical spec that are important to check for? 
are there any brands i should prefer or stay away from? (how are Dell and MSI for instance?)
thank you!


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