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Swizzle polycounter lvl 10
Jumping into the fray a little late here. I have a few ideas for how I want to approach this because it's been a while since I did much personal art, so here are my restrictions:
  • The theme is "Wizard's Tower"
  • All hard edges need to be able to catch light (bevels everywhere!)
  • All mesh intersections should appear sharp
  • All objects must have thickness (no alpha or double-sided materials unless they're things like glass)
  • No object my have more than 4 colors/materials
  • All material transitions must be made with geometry (no texture painting allowed)
So with that in mind, here are days 1-3 compressed into a single scene. I'm counting the potion bottles as a single item since I copied so much between all of them, the book as a separate object, and the table as a separate object.


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