[PAID] Infinitesimals - Contractor for Retopology, UV, baking of high poly meshes.

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cubitstudios greentooth
Hello everyone,

I really hate retopology/UV/baking. But I just know there are some who love doing it and also would enjoy getting paid to do it! ;)

I'm looking to hire a contractor with plenty of retopology, UV mapping and map baking experience.
This is for my Indie game Infinitesimals:

I'd furnish you with high poly meshes (initially hard surface, sub'd mechanical components) and you would deliver retopologized, UV unwrapped game meshes with maps baked from the hi-poly source  (eg. normal, edge wear mask etc).

I'm looking for:
Clean/optimized models with decent UV layouts.
Baked maps with minimal artifacts/seams.

Feel free to PM me here with your resume, portfolio and hourly rate (don't forget to specify the currency too!). It would be useful to see retopology/UV examples in your portfolio.

Alternately you can mail me at [email protected]


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