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OakBeazy null
I'll be honest  i totally forgot about the challenge  imma busy guy; what can i say?  :( 
For the record the XMD lifetime membership set is totally worth the price of admission. allows you to explore shapes and silhouettes before you commit to anything and i find that to be a major time saver. 

I did however start something ...might as well finish it eh?  
I had a slight idea to begin with but no starter sheet for this one. 

Torso was done in z spheres and Dynamehsed then Retopologized via Remesher.
Same for legs and arms.
second set of hands started as insert meshes and sculpted on thanks to XMD. 
Five finger hands were my own and a waste of time TBH shoulda used XMD base but yknow...pride FTL.
Than i put of my body part subtools into one Dynamesh and fused them all.  did a first detail pass... and re-meshed again via Remesher ...controlled poly-flow with directional brush.
Started detailing the body more and made a more detailed face..went trough a few, hated them all save for this ..still not thrilled.
Close fitting clothes made by extractions and inflate brush.
Head armor started from a sphere.


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