[UE4] Proxima - Antique/Sci-fi scene in the clouds

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Good evening everyone !

Here are some wip shot on my latest scene. I wanted to do an environment that mix a scifi architecture and some antique props and elements. This room is part of a bigger spaceship/station orbiting around an hypothetic planet of the Proxima solar system. It's also where this women spend most of her time. Which I need to model by the way. (Ciri is just here as a placeholder, I swear !)

To composition is pretty much set up. However there is still a lot of work  to do on the dressing. I'm planning to add quite a fix elements that suggest that the place is messy, filling the space with book, clothes, etc ... The background is supposed to be somewhere above the clouds with a big moon or maybe a planet in the right part of the scene.

I'm also looking after feedback on the lighting. Something feels off but I can't really point it up. The carpets have too much contrast in the albedo right now, which I need to fix. The mesh of the curtain is not great and it's shader doesn't really behave nicely.

Any critique is obviously welcome !

EDIT: Final version here, more shots below !


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