Playstation VR Worlds: Art Dump

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Hey Polycounters!

Not long ago, us here at SIE London Studio released the launch title VR Worlds for Playstation VR! We’d like to share some of the amazing art work with you that went into creating the game.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing work from all aspects of the art team, including Characters, Environment, Concept, Lighting, and VFX. As it’s a VR game, expect some cool fancy ways of seeing all this!

This game wouldn’t have been possible to make and look as beautiful as it does without the amazing work of the tools and engine team, so a huge massive shout out to them and also the entire team here in London! You are all beautiful. 

The character and concept team will be jumping in shortly to start us off, enjoy! 


Character Art:

Toby Hynes

Rob Thornely

Matthieu Schneider 


Peter Lumby -

Environment Art:

Alberto Fernández -

Sophie Wood -

Karen Stanley

Ciaran Daly  - 

David NicholLs

Cristian Leon -

Lighting and VFX

Matt Sheppard -

Dave Skilton -


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