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Doom 2 Level 1 HD

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Hey guys, what's crackin?

I've decided to try something a bit different to my usual. I have teamed up with a mate who is learning to code in UE4 and we are trying to recreate the first level of Doom 2. Secrets, bad dudes and all.

The focus for me is to get better at UE4, get better at level building and just get faster overall. The dream is to one day make our own 90s style shooter but baby steps first. I figured the best way to learn is by rebuilding from one of the best shooters of all time.

I am trying to keep all the geo as flat and single planed as possible. Lighting will no doubt be the biggest weakness for me like all of my stuff. Still early days but as usual always keen for feedback. 

Hope to eventually find a character artist/animated who would be keen to help out with this for fun. 

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