Looking for a "ID map splitting" Photoshop script or action

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Hello all -

Does anyone know of a reliable way to automatically split off ID maps in Photoshop ? The end product could be either "cutout" layers,  or color fills with an alpha.

As far as I am aware the only publicly available tool able to do that is Quixel DDO - by filling in the ID map slot, leaving everything empty, and running the initial setup. However DDO creates it's usual set of unwanted files and duplicates next to the input texture location, which I don't find acceptable.

It's also annoying in the sense that it requires a saved file as an input as opposed to being able to run directly from the current Photoshop document (not a huge deal when working with already existing texture maps, but it becomes quickly annoying when using it for other purposes, like comic book flats splitting for instance).

Last but not least, it's not perfect either as some masks end up overlapping others : 

As far as I am concerned the preferred script would have to be compatible with CS5. An action could work too of course.

Also ideally the action/script should be robust enough to work with both aliased and anti-aliased inputs. And more importantly, it should not introduce any anti-aliasing if a clean pixel-perfect input is provided. Of course there will always be a little bit of cleanup involved (especially if the input shows any kind of color blending caused by padding/pixel expansion) but I'd love to find something as automated as possible.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions !


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