How to generate spaghetti like weave, pipes

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If I wanted to generate a spaghetti like weave, but with the individual models moving in random directions in x, y and z how might I go about that?

I feel like modeling it might take too long so I was thinking a procedural or coded approach might work best.

I'm looking to generate thin, tube like structures with possibly some nice normal mapped detail on them.  I want the tubes to, as stated above, move randomly throughout the scene in x, y and z and I want there to be like 100 - 1000 tubes.

Normally I would make a CV curve and extrude a cylinder along the line of the CV curve.  Is this something I might be able to do programatically and does anyone know if there is a plugin or script that already does this kind of thing?  It would kind of be like making 100 - 1000 pipes that don't overlap each other and don't have the same start and/or endpoint.

I'm looking to do this in Maya or Cinema 4D.

Thanks in advance for any and all help,


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