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    Good morning. 

    Hi people, I'm an Spanish writer living in New York and about to publish my first which is a low budget project. My book is a motivational book based on psychology and it basically motivates the individual to find himself and be great in life, simply because we are "naturally great" and we do not embrace it.

     I'm looking for a humble "sword and mirror" with good quality to place it just below the book title. I found this image here via Google (see image) and I would like to use it for my book. So whoever created it can you please give me permission to use it?

    I need a sword and shield for my book. I don't have that much money, I'm barely trying to save up some money to get new copies. Maybe someone can help me get that and next time I could we work together I'll pay you? If you it's worth the help to put my book and vision out there please help me?

    I'm just being honest, I know it sucks to give away stuff for free. I am a graphic design myself but  your skills are like, out of my level. I don't have the skills or tech to create a render like that. Anyways, here's the image.
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