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  • abdussamit
    Hey hi. I'm Sami from HireGamePros.com. I totally agree with this article and the replies that finding freelance clients is tough in the Games Industry.

    And that is why we've made HireGamePros starting this year, have had 200+ artists sign up since August and have clients interested in hiring artists through us. But well, I would be sounding biased --don't you people think the way this World is working "remotely", game professionals would love to get freelance work from the "top game companies" around the World?

    We have had validation from YCombinator, SuperCell, WarGaming and more.

    I would love to have a discussion over what you think of it and the product we are trying to make :smile:

  • Eric Chadwick
    Sami, what are the fees associated with your service?

    I couldn't find any information about this on your site, nor in a web search.

    This info should be front and center, or at least alongside your Terms Of Service.

    Professionals are wary of middleman sites, as we've been burned before, and have heard others with bad experiences. Just scroll down in this section to see a recent testimonial. :)

    Then again, if the terms are right then it can start a good working relationship, beneficial to both parties.

    (also, please don't dredge up an old thread with an ad for a service, even if related. You had me hovering over the Spam button there. Always better to start a new thread.)
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