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**** Updated 11/2019 ****
I recently decided to resurrect this project in the past 2-3 weeks and didn't want to start a new thread. The focus of this project was to try out new workflows and techniques and this hasn't changed. I'm going for mostly accurate representation of each part of the rifle and still be in the realm of real-time friendly. We'll see how that goes. :)

I've got the trigger and magazine groups to roughly 90% final state. There are some minor fixes here and there but I'm content to fix them at a later date. The updates are posted as replies. For more information, I do update my Artstation blog on occasion with more work in progression-type shots: bakes, wireframes, etc. 

Below is the original post and screenshots of the blockout/high poly models. Read if you're interested; if not, just scroll down to see updates.


Hey folks!

Been working on this project on and off during lunch and posting progress in WAYWO...figured it was about time to make it official. :P

Goals for this project are to try new workflows/techniques and refine old habits. I realized I was getting into a rut with my pipeline about a year ago and have been making a conscious effort to get out my comfort zone ever since.

I chose this weapon because reference is easily available and it looks pretty damn cool. :)

(A lot more photos are used but this is where I started)

Anyways, here's the blockout phase so far!

Still have *lots* to do with the blockout. Thanks for looking! :)


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