Development Grants and Crowd Source funding

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littleclaude interpolator
Hit me with a list of where to go to get a development grants so we can form a Wiki.

Also feel free to post advice

Company Support 

AWS-Amazon - ($15K) - 

Facebook Start Ups (Free Software Support) - 

Google Launch pad ($100K Cloud Platform Credit) -

Microsoft BizSpark (120K) - 

Crowd Source Funding


  • JacqueChoi
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    JacqueChoi interpolator
    Most grants are local. Even Kickstarter has jurisdiction.

    I know the Canadian Media Fund offers up to $1million.

    Unreal has one for teams that use the Unreal Engine.

    There's also heavy stipulations on some, and some that are subject based.

    If you want to make a game that educates on climate change, or if you want one that features local musicians, or if you can cozy upto the Canada Arts Counsel. There's Tech and Science Grants ,Research grants, lord knows how many. Maybe the demographic on your team will make you eligible for grants.

    I know in Quebec there is literally a telephone book sized binder you can sift through finding ALL the grants. There's a lot.
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