Aguilar de Nerha (Assassin's Creed Movie) Character

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Hey guys! 
Had been working on this in my free time for roughly a month now. I'm trying to squeeze in a couple of hours everyday.  I've been doing screenshots every day so just a warning... It is image heavy already :smile:

I am trying to do a short teaser for this using the Unreal Engine 4 before the movie hits the cinemas on the 21st of December. Anyway I thought I should share my progress so far and add some side notes to the whole progress. 
Enjoy :D 

So as you might know Michael Fassbender will play the main role as Aguilar de Nerha in this movie. So i started on the face. Here we go! 
Update #1

Update #2

Update #3

Update #4
Update #5
Update #6
Update #7
Update #8
little side note*
The reference I used until this point was a bit outdated. He looked too young so I changed my reference to a more aged Michael Fassbender. I added the major details and did a quick hair test just to get a feel of how he looks like so far. I tend to do a fairly simple polypaint on the head mesh early on. At this point I stopped working on the head since it is already enough to start his outfit. Once I did the first pass on the outfit I will get back to the head and fix all the remaining proportion issues and give a bit more love :D But now its time to move on!

Update #9
I tend to do a really rough block out of the overall outfit first and then split the outfit to smaller pieces so I can tackle them individually.

Update #10
Since this outfit uses a lot of smaller meshes I decided to tackle the torso part first and build all my necessary Curve Brushes.
Update #11
Update #12
Update #13
Update #14

Update #15
Update #16
Update #17
Update #18
Update #19

I got to admit the Vambraces and the Waist Belt took the longest so far since I had to create custom alphas.
As you can see in the last image, there aren't may parts left before I get back to do the final tweaks on the face again and then another pass on the outfit. By the way, this file is huuuuuge. I am at a point where it crashes a lot and one time it crashed during saving and guess what... file got corrupted :disappointed:

But anyway I wish you a good start into the week :smile:


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