[UE4] The Mummy Tomb, 3 week project.

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Here is the final result:

More at the end of the thread ((:.

First week done!

Inspired by The Mummy (1999) and the art of Rise of the Tomb Raider I have 3 weeks to do this environment for a school assignment called "advanced production project".

The project is halftime so its more like 1.5 work weeks. 

This weeks goals where to get the scale and proportions right in maya and make modular assets.

Also getting it all into Unreal Engine 4, blocked it out with some rough lighting. 

Next week is high poly, baking and starting with textures.

Image in the upper right is screenshot from Unreal and the rest are paint overs to find the lighting, mood and colors.

Screenshots from UE4

For more images look at my blog. I will keep updating the progress here as well. 

Feedback is always appreciated! ((:


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