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Hello guys!

For those who wanted a tool to quickly organize and manage large groups of brushes, here goes MagicSquire, based on my MagicPicker's engine (so it supports Photoshops CC2017,2015 as long as CS6,CS5):

Here's the video tutorial explaining most of the functionality.

The brief list of features includes:
- Puts brushes in easy-to-use smart folders collections. MagicSquire structures your brushes so you don’t need to look for them every time in neverending piles
- Lets you rearrange brushes and brush groups with drag’n’drop
- Fast rendering of brush images with custom stroke support
- Create brushes from scratch: Just click the New Brush button to add current brush to the panel. 
- Edit and update brushes. Click Update to update parameters from Photoshop, no need to recreate them
- Supports custom .ABR Loading existing brush collections from .ABR files with one click! 
- Supports very large files of 200M and above. Supports loading of thousands of brushes from one file. .TPL support is on the way
- Supports Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015+
- Uses well tested MagicPicker engine to deliver the fastest experience
- More!

Read more about MagicSquire, the brush organizing plugin inside Photoshop

Please contact me if you have any suggestions or questions, I'm always open to implementing new stuff since I made MagicPicker 8 years ago.
Contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

-- Anastasiy


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