Non-square Zbrush Tiling for Tree Bark Texture

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I use zbrush's warp mode and a premade tiling plane to create square tiling, sculpted textures (this method ). However, I've run into a problem when trying to use the same workflow for non-square textures, say 512x2048 for tree bark. I know I can up the warp mode from 2 to 4 to hit the narrow width, but then I also have repeating detail across the height. 

I've tried
  • Creating a 1x4 proportioned plane in Max similar to the way I create the 1x1 tiling plane base (tried in multiple way, tried scaling in max and zbrush, resetting xform at different points, tried welding additional copy geometry from the original plane)
  • Creating a proportionally accurate cylinder which bakes onto a plane utilizing the bend modifier to wrap around the cylinder. With wrap mode 2 it tiles vertically, and since its a cylinder, there is no horizontal seam. This seems to be the best solution but will the overall cylindrical shape affect the normals?
  • Just using a 1x1 texture
Does anyone have suggestions of how to go about creating non-square bark texture? 
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