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FINAL Nastya Ermakova - Environment

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seriouscat polycounter lvl 3
Hey. The contest. Environment contest. Cool.
First of all I started to search a history of Art-Deco style. To find what artist were inspired with.
As far as I understand, there are no strict rules in Art-Deco, this is a beautiful luxurious style which can contain anything.
A mechanism design, cubism, futurism, art of an old civilizations, new sophisticated methods of light, hidden constructions, furniture with inlay.
It is a mix of an inanimate monumentals with living ornaments, curls, spirals.
I've done a rough simple composition without any details. I tried to imagine how some hall of science center may look like.
I want to mix futuristic big forms with art-deco style.
My reference list - https://ru.pinterest.com/gogogjob/xmd-c/
Next stage is light and clear idea of blockout.


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