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[PAID] Need concept and promotional materials artist

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zrg null

I'm the programmer and producer of an indie team creating a retro first person shooter (think DOOM or Quake).  Its theme is a blend of gothic, dark fantasy, and lovecraftian.

I'm looking for a talented individual who can create concept art and promotional material for the game.  This is open to anyone of any experience level, provided you:

* Like to draw monsters (and possibly sexy characters).
* Enjoy first person shooters (bonus if you enjoy retro shooters).
* Able to produce quality media.
* Disciplined and can meet deadlines.
* Can work within our budget.
* Available to start right away.

Please PM your resume, timezone, and Skype handle.

Thank you for reading!  I look forward to chatting with you.


  • AlexandrMalex
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    AlexandrMalex polycounter lvl 5
    Hello, my name is Alexandr and i am concept artist and illustrator) Here is the link on my portfolio:
    Skype: alexandr.malex
    GMT +06:00
    Thanks for watching and i will be waiting your reply !
    Best regards, Alexandr
  • Pk_Illustration
    Hey Zrg,

    I'm interested in working with you guys, this game sounds like a lot fun! I love dark fantasy and Lovecraft, and grew up on retro shooters. :) I'm a senior game artist, illustrator, and animator, with the ability to provide most 2D assets for a given game. I currently work full-time at a gaming studio, but I'm looking to take on some more work. I'm used to working using deadlines, (which when planned correctly correspond to budgets), and can start whenever. 

    My portfolio & resume can be found here:

    I'm in CST (USA) timezone, and my skype handle is patthompson008, although I'm easiest to reach via email at PkIllustration@gmail.com.
    Thanks, and good luck!
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