Normal Map artifacts in Substance Painter

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I'm just going to go ahead and re-do this thread due to the fact that the original one just showed how very uninformed I was when it came to baking. I really want to learn this leg of the texturing process and for whatever reason, it's been tough getting over the hump. Anyways, I'm trying to bake out a car in Substance Painter and I'm getting a wide variety of issues. Here are my normals:
This was a test bake using these settings:

I also did one without "Averaged Normals" checked and got these results:

I'm not entirely sure if the errors are visible but there were a lot of them. I'm really in need of some help as I really would like to finish this project but at the same time I really want to learn how to bake out my normal maps properly seeing as how it is vital to any good piece of game art. Thanks for anyone that can point me in some sort of direction.


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